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Scent-sational Sustainable Insect Repellent Candles for Summer

Embrace a Bug-Free Summer with The Flora Lab's Sustainable Insect Repellent Candles: Summer Night Lights. 

Summer is finally here and for all your nature lovers and sun seekers who have yearned all the winter for summer nights filled with seasonal scents, then look no further than our Summer Night Lights Insect Repellent Collection

Summer Night Lights is our way of scenting your summer evenings in the garden without pesky bugs ruining the atmosphere. Thoughtfully crafted and sustainably sourced, these outdoor candles are hand poured with plant based wax and paired with Citrepel, a naturally derived insect repellent that will repel insects, flies and mosquitoes. 

Botanically designed and created to be eco-conscious, these insect repellent candles are lovingly created using natural rapeseed and coconut wax, infused with the finest environmentally friendly fragrance oils and Citrepel® . Citrepel® is a naturally derived ingredient from essential oils and plants, proven to effectively repel insects. Whether you're hosting an intimate gathering or simply enjoying a solo evening outdoors, these candles will ensure your long summer nights remain delightfully bug-free.

Choose between two scents: Citronella & Lemongrass and Lavender & Patchouli. 

Available in two summer scents, our Summer Night Light collection promises to treat your senses while keeping unwanted pests at bay. Choose from the refreshing botanical notes of citronella and lemongrass or the warm, inviting aroma of Lavender & Patchouli, both masterfully blended to create the perfect scented backdrop for your summer plans. Personally, I like to pair mine with different times of the day, with the fresh, citrus notes of Citronella and Lemongrass in the daytime while enjoying the warming notes of Lavender and Patchouli at night. 

Our tin natural-wax candles, which are also vegan, will provide 40-45hrs of slow burning insect repellent scent release. Our twinkling scented tealights will give up to 25hrs of scent, while our hand poured botanical wax melts will give you 

Fragrance your home and garden the way you want to: 

We’ve ensured that both scents are available in versatile options to suit your scenting needs; including convenient scented tealights, long-lasting botanical soy wax melts, and elegant tin candles. Whether you prefer to create a cosy ambiance indoors or enhance your outdoor living spaces, these insect repellent candles have you covered, providing the perfect scented accompaniment for your summer evenings, keeping flies at bay and repelling mosquitos. 

As our candles are hand poured, we know exactly what goes into them. 

Sustainable scent for those who value sustainability and natural living, our Summer Night Light collection offers a harmonious blend of nature's insect-repelling power and exquisite scents, creating a truly exceptional experience for your summer entertaining. Embrace the warm summer nights with confidence, knowing that your evenings will be filled with blissful, bug-free moments.
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