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Our Top Tips For To Get The Most Out Of Your Diffuser

Are you looking for a flameless way to add fragrance to your space? Our soy-derived room diffusers with natural rattan reeds are a perfect choice! They’re a great way of releasing long lasting subtle scent into your spaces without the stress of naked flames and our plastic free packaging is a treat for the planet too. 
We've compiled our top tips on how to get the most out of your Flora Lab Soy Derived diffuser, so read on so you can enjoy continuous scent for up to ten weeks. 
image of the rattan reeds in our soy derived room diffuserThe Renaissance Man
Please note, our soy reed diffusers are our best option are providing background room scent which infuses 24/7. So, they're at the subtle end of the scent scale. If you want an immediate strong scent, we recommend you look towards our botanical wax melts or double wicked natural-wax candles. 
We've pulled together our top tops on how to get the most out of your room diffuser, here are our top tips. 

Give it a shake: You've received your Flora Lab soy derived diffuser and now you're wondering what to do with it. So firstly, with the gold lid still securely on, gently rotate the bottle to ensure all of the liquid inside is properly mixed. 
Soak it up: Carefully remove your gold lid, and unfasten your bunch of natural rattan reeds. Pop them in the liquid and leave them for five minutes, allowing them to soak up all that flora-labulous fragrance. 
    Flip It: After 5 minutes, flip the reeds so the wet ends are now exposed and the dry reeds are immersed in the liquid. If you've noticed any spilt liquid in this process, simply wipe away as we want to avoid any damage to furnishings.

    Repeat Every Few Days: Every few days, continue to flip the reeds to keep the scent fresh and consistent. Over time, the fragrance will gradually dissipate, so flipping the reeds regularly will help to maximize the scent life of your diffuser.
    Pair with your favourite candles to help intensify the scent: Dial up the scent intensity of your favourite scent by pairing with a matching natural-wax candle. 
    SIcilian Sunbeam Natural-Wax candle, soy derived room diffuser and double wicked candle both lit.
    That's it! Following these simple steps will help you get the most out of your soy-derived room diffuser with natural rattan reeds for up to ten weeks. 
    But as always, there’s just some safety points for you to be aware of: 
    Keep out of reach of those with little hands and if you suspect anyone has ingested any liquid or got into any body parts, please seek medical advice immediately. Likewise, if you notice any spilled liquid, please clean immediately to avoid any damage to furnishings. As tempting as it may be, please refrain from placing your face too close to the rattan reeds, they’ve got a tendency to spoke you in the eye or tickle your nose if you get too close. 
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