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Candle Care

Firstly, thank you so much for purchasing a candle from The Flora Lab. It means so much to us that you’ve brought from a small business, focusing on making the world a better place.

From the moment of their inception, our natural wax candles are created in an environment of love. We cherish the months we spend crafting unique scents, rigorously testing burn rates, wicks and waxes before appreciating every single candle we hand pour. However, from the moment we package up our candles (in zero waste packaging, we would like to add), we pass the role of caregiver over to you. As our candles are created using 100% natural wax, there are a few tips we have collated in order to ensure the best possible performance from your Flora Lab candle. 

  • Your first burn
  • The first burn of your Flora Lab candle is the most important. Candles have long memories and if you don’t achieve a full melt pool on the first burn (this is when the wax all over the top of the candle has melted), you’ll  end up with an un-even top for the rest of your candles, where the candle may burn down but you’re left with wax on the sides. 

    This is easy enough to avoid- we recommend burning our candles for at least four hours on the first burn and two hours every time after that. 

  • Trim your wick
  • They say good things come in small packages- and the case has never been truer for your wick. Ideally you should trim your wick before each burn to 5mm above the point where the wick meets the wax. This allows for a less ‘sooty’ smoke and promotes an even burn of your candle, prolonging the  burn time and ultimately the life of your candle. 

     If you don’t have a wick trimmer, why not check out our wick trimmers here (ADD LINK) 

  • Location, Location, Location 
  • Try to always burn your candle in a contained environment, away from open windows or drafts, as this will encourage an uneven burn of the wax, causing an un-even melt pool. 

  • It’s getting hot in here
  • As your natural candles contain a soft plant based wax and are bursting to the brim with fragrant oils, you may notice some beads of sweat on the top of the candle. Don’t worry- this is perfectly natural and it won’t affect the performance of your candle. Initially, a quick blot with some tissue paper will soak up any excess, but we would highly recommend moving this to a cooler, more stable environment (so, out of direct sunlight or away from open fires  for instance). 

    We hope that helps, but as always, if you ever have any further questions or if you just fancy a chat concerning all things candles, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


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